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openSUSE-Education 1.0 (RC2) for 11.1 is ready

Posted by:  Lars Vogdt  on 07.February 2009

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Hi Developers, Testers, Users!

This is just to ask for "final testers" before we made the big announcement over the weekend.

The openSUSE-Education Add on for openSUSE 11.1 is ready!

You can either download the ISO image from here:
(md5sum: 36977e91df9da57244828fabc9f91835)

Or add the online repository as installation source:

(Note: Please re-add it if you've added it bevore - just delete the current repository via YaST and re-add it.)

Comparing to RC1, we've fixed and re-added many missing applications. For a list of all changes, please have a look at the ChangeLog.

HP Builds on the openSUSE Education Project

Posted by:  Lars Vogdt  on 07.February 2009

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Just a copy of the original article from Zonker:

In December, HP announced that it would release a new desktop offering along with Novell targeted at education customers. Part of the announcement is a repository of education applications “including math, art and word games, to improve student learning,” which were based on work by the openSUSE Education project.

Novell and HP would like to formally acknowledge the community’s contribution to HP’s education repository and thank the openSUSE Education community for the work they have done to package and make available additional programs for open source education efforts.

The openSUSE Education project provides an add-on CD for openSUSE so that schools will have the benefit of educational packages not shipped by default with openSUSE. The fact that HP has sought to include work from the Education project is testament to the outstanding quality of their work and the demand for open source education solutions.

The additional repository was created for HP to provide a subset of the packages of those offered by the openSUSE Education project. HP and Novell chose to do this to limit any maintenance issues for the subset of packages offered commercially.

We’d like to thank the Education project for its patience with Novell and HP while we establish a way to work on community repositories with commercial partners. As a first-time effort, there have been a few bumps and we’ve found a few areas where we can improve communication with openSUSE projects like the Education Project.

This cooperation is particularly important as we all continue to push Linux and open source on the desktop and into “consumer” solutions. We need to work together as effectively as possible to offer well-polished open source applications that will appeal to end users who are new to Linux.

Going forward, HP and Novell will work to collaborate more closely with the openSUSE Education project and support their efforts to deliver solutions for schools and provide the best experience for educational use.

We’d also like to thank HP for offering open source to its educational customers. This is another small step towards world domination for Linux.

Thanks again to the openSUSE Education Project for their hard work and patience!"

CD-Cover for the Add-on DVD available

Posted by:  Lars Vogdt  on 07.February 2009

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A big “THANK YOU” to our new artist Aishwarya Raja designing a first draft for our new CD Cover:

…and there’s a very interesting thread in our mailinglist - here’s just a short cutout:

k, green part of the cover is lizard. 

I tried to guess what is the green one and may be it’s only for me, but
it seems that yellow part of the cover represents woman’s body covered
with book and Edu logo. So, ‘Education have never been so attractive
like now with openSUSE Edu’

openSUSE-Education Live-CD available

Posted by:  Lars Vogdt  on 07.February 2009

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We are proud to announce the first openSUSE Live-CD containing applications from openSUSE-Education - created via Studio by Andrea Florio! (696M)

This ISO image is based on openSUSE 11.0 (x86) and enhanced with a few of our applications for Education. We are currently testing the possibilities of SUSE Studio with the Live-Media - and might release updated versions in a shorter timeframe. Stay tuned!

  • Username: linux
  • Password: linux
Same password for root.

KIWI-LTSP at the Brindisi’s Linux-Day (Italy)

Posted by:  Andrea  on 27.October 2008

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Yesterday, 25 October, ILS (Italian Linux Society) and italian LUGs (Linux User Groups) had organized Linux Day.

A day, where we spread words about Linux

Me and my LUG (BriLUG - Brindisi Linux User Group) worked to it, on my City (Brindisi indeed). in particular, in the morning i talked about GnuPG keys.

The evening was an “installation party” where i presented KIWI-LTSP to teachers and schools rappresentatives. The project likes and infact, the press talked about it to.

A great Day isn’t it?

To see some photos visit lizards:

Andrea Florio



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