Welcome at openSUSE Education

This is a place for Educators and Technologists who use openSUSE.

Our goal is to support schools using openSUSE, create and describe additional software-packages for educational projects and create an "add-on" CD for the regular openSUSE distribution. As this is a community driven project, we need you and your help to bring openSUSE into the schools.

As a community driven project, everyone is invited to join and help us. This project is not meant to in any way create a duplication of effort to what is already on openSUSE, but rather to enhance it more for Educators and Technologists.

Our GPG signing key

Adding the Online Repositories or the Edu-CD, you'll be warned about an untrusted key from the "openSUSE-Education Team". This key is available only for a small set of openSUSE-Education developers - and all RPMs and official Installation Repositories are signed with this key.

Your can download the key here or from any PGP-Keyserver.

Name:openSUSE-Education Team (RPM signing key) <cd-team@opensuse-education.org>
Fingerprint:C5B0 5BE0 468C 5845 5D9F FD10 EAD7 ED0B B700 5B33

Current News

openSUSE-Education Li-f-e 12.2 out now!

Posted by:  Lars Vogdt  on 14.September 2012

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openSUSE-Education li-f-e logoopenSUSE Education team once again presents Li-f-e (Linux for Education) built on hot new openSUSE 12.2 including all the post release updates. As always this edition of Li-f-e comes bundled with a lot of softwares useful for students, teachers, as well as IT admins of educational institutions. Apart from stable versions of KDE and Gnome, Cinnamon is also available. Sugar desktop suite makes a comeback thanks to the work of Xin Wang packaging it. Li-f-e also give full multimedia experience right out of the box without having to install anything extra. The live installable DVD iso stands at 3.3G as an incredible array of softwares from open source world are available on it, we have not just bundled them in, but have tried to integrate it with the distribution to give everything a seamless feel.

KIWI-LTSP brings Li-f-e a very easy to setup LTSP server for PXE booting thin-clients/PC/laptop over the network with many new features and improvements. It can be deployed at schools, homes or even offices. Epoptes lab administration tool makes its debut replacing italc, epoptes allows control of every aspect of the clients, such as: lock/unlock screen, full remote control, messaging, broadcasting display, reboot/shutdown etc.

DVD boot screen Bootmenu openSUSE-Education Splash screen openSUSE-Education
Sugar Windowmanager Li-f-e applications Multimedia applications

Get it from here: Direct Download | Torrents | Metalinks | md5sum

As this edition is based on openSUSE 12.2, all the official 12.2 updates, repositories from build service and packman can be used to install additional softwares and keep it up to date.

Minimum hardware requirement is 1GB of RAM and 15GB free disk space. Installation from USB stick will take about 40 minutes to complete, from a DVD it takes much longer. Check this howto for creating live USB stick on vfat partition or other GUI and terminal ways.

Here is the sampling of some of the softwares available on the iso. Complete list of packages with versions here.

Have a lot of fun…
Your openSUSE Education Team

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openSUSE-Education participates on IPv6 day

Posted by:  Lars Vogdt  on 17.May 2012

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IPv6 Launch Day Logo6 JUNE 2012 - please mark this day in your calendar, as this is the World IPv6 day. This day is meant to call attention to the fact that IPv4 addresses have run out and the web has to move on to IPv6. openSUSE-Education will be part of this initiative, joining the ranks of Google, Yahoo and Facebook in making sure its infrastructure is IPv6 capable on June 6th.

The openSUSE-Education team is working hard to bring IPv6 services up. They started a few weeks ago and plan to be ready on June 6th, the World IPv6 day. On that day, all external services will be reachable via both IPv4 and IPv6. This includes this webpage, rsync and also the Email system.

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openSUSE Edu Li-f-e 12.1 out now!

Posted by:  Lars Vogdt  on 24.December 2011

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openSUSE Education team is proud to present another edition of openSUSE-Edu Li-f-e (Linux for Education) based on openSUSE 12.1. Li-f-e comes loaded with everything that students, parents, teachers and system admins of educational institutions may need.

    more screenshots…

Softwares for mathematics, chemistry, astronomy etc, servers like KIWI-LTSP, Fedena school ERP, Moodle course management etc., full multimedia, graphics, office suite, many popular programming languages including AMP stack, java, C, C++, python, ruby, latest stable Gnome and KDE desktop environments and lot more is packed in this release. More about softwares included here.

To know more about openSUSE Education project, file bugs, request enhancements, participate, or to get in touch with us visit Education Portal.

Create live USB stick or DVD with this image. About 15GB disk space and 1GB RAM is required for installation, more is better. Please note that we release 32bit image only, for users with RAM 4G or more install and use kernel-pae package.

Happy holidays…

Hosted at sourceforge.net

Direct Download | md5sum

Hosted at opensuse-education.org

Direct Download | new metalink | old metalink | md5sum | torrent

Use download manager or Metalink client such as aria2c for most efficient way to download.

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Rolling Releases for openSUSE-Education

Posted by:  Lars Vogdt  on 20.March 2011

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Starting with the release of openSUSE 11.3, we changed our own release cycle. We can use the openSUSE-Buildservice now for building not only packages but also a complete Live-Media - so whenever we add a new package to the media or fix something inside a package, the openSUSE-Buildservice automatically starts a new build and finished by upgrading the resulting ISO-Image automatically.

So if you want to help us testing (or just want to use always the latest ISO), just use this URL: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Education/images/iso/

Tested ISO-Images are also placed here: http://www.opensuse-education.org/download/ISOs/

New: openSUSE-Education Moodle

Posted by:  Lars Vogdt  on 06.June 2009

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We've decided to start with a new moodle webpage to collect online courses about openSUSE, openSUSE in Education and other interesting stuff for teachers and students.

  • For people with an account on this page: you can log in using your credentials.
  • For people without an existing login: don't worry - just create a new moodle login! All you need is your Email address.

So let's start moodle'ing on http://www.opensuse-education.org/moodle/!



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